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February 12, 2018

Three little words…
No more hangover!
A Valentine’s heart symbolizes love.  And the heart provides an interesting link to the following tale.  Did you know that nitroglycerin was once prescribed for chest pains because it converts to nitric oxide.  In turn, the nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, widening them for improved blood flow to the heart.
But the improved blood flow effects of nitric oxide work for the entire body…  including those naughty bits!  Power Defender contains amino acids intended to scavenge out hangover-causing toxins.  As a bonus, the body also converts one of these amino acids into nitric oxide.  And many Power Defender users have noticed improved arousal and sexual performance.
So enjoy a bottle with your true love… may you have an amorous evening.  And never fear the hangover the next morning!
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May you always find love and happiness!

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