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May 11, 2018

This is a real thing!

Perhaps the most expensive and desperate hangover cures are intravenous drips, typically used to rehydrate people with the flu. There are also a growing number of clinics such as the Recovery Room in Las Vegas, Reviv Wellness Spa in Miami, Fla. and IVme in Chicago, Ill., Each of these rehydrate people intravenously.  Additionally, there are reportedly several mobile services available in Las Vegas!

Can you administer this yourself? 

Well, you’re sticking a needle into your arm.  This is typically something you ask a medical professional to do.  You want to avoid complications such as possible infection, missing the veins, etc.

How long does it take?

Not including travel time, the process can take up to 40 minutes.  Don’t forget to add in time for the cab rides (because if you think you need this, you probably can’t walk very well and you definitely should NOT get behind the wheel of anything!).

What’s does the IV “hangover cure” cost?

Prices range from $100 to $300.  One provider charges an additional $300 travel fee for house calls.

What’s in the IV bag?  And does it work?  

Typically several B vitamins, amino acids, and a lot of saline.  Different providers will add their own mix of additional vitamins and supplements.  Fortune Drink’s Power Defender also contains B vitamins and the amino acids L-arginine and L-ornithine.  Additinoally Power Defender includes DHM, antioxidants, and more (see below). Our users report great results and it stands to reason that you can achieve similar results with an IV directly into the blood stream.

The saline should definitely rehydrate you.  Think of it as a tall cool quenching glass of water… for a mere $150!

The smarter alternative...

Seriously?  Skip the IV.  Invest 2 minutes of hangover prevention planning and try Power Defender.

This convenient 3 oz liquid bottle contains carefully selected ingredients known to remove alcohol related toxins ammonia and acetaldehyde.  In the body, these two toxins lead to those crushing hangovers and also impact long term liver and brain health. Power Defender also includes 27 anti-oxidants and vitamins such as green tea extract, grape seed extract, and milk thistle - used for centuries for liver health support.

Power Defender was developed after researching and licensing liver treatments.  We realized that for hospitalized drinkers, they were administered L-ornithine by IV as an ammonia scavenger.  But why go the IV path when you can simply drink a Power Defender shot? It’s faster, cheaper, easier. And we have testimonials that it works!

Order your six pack of handy, easy to store and carry bottles so that you can be ready to party without regret.  A few minutes of preparation will give you back your morning!

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