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A Hangover By Any Other Name…

February 01, 2018

Ahhh, the New Year.  A time for celebration, resolutions, and unfortunately for many… a hangover the next morning.  For those of us who have experienced a rough morning after, our resolutions may include a promise to avoid that drinking hangover!  But to address a problem, we first have to name that problem…
“Crudo” (“raw”) is Mexican slang for a hangover.  In Canada the Quebecois phrase is “avoir mal aux cheveux” which directly translates into having a hairache.  As in, I feel so terrible that even my hair aches!.

In Asia many phrases translate into a straight forward “next-day drunk”.  In China, the mandarin for hangover is “suzui” (“stay-over drunk”), Korean “suk-chwi” (taken from the Chinese), and Japanese futsukayoi ( “two-day drunk”). Egyptians say they are “still drunk”.
In Germany the word is “katzenjammer” which translates into something like tomcats yowling in your head.  Poland shares a variation that translates into: “howling of kittens”.  In France, they say “J’ai la gueule de bois” – “I’ve got a wooden gob (mouth)”.  The Italians may have the most dire description…A hangover is “postumi della sbornia” or “the after-death of drunkenness”.
My favorite comes from Ireland where reportedly you can say “I’m in Lego” (I’m in bits).  I personally picture groggily forcing myself out of bed and then walking bare footed over a floor of scattered multi-colored plastic building blocks.  Yeah, that’s what a hangover feels like.
I spell relief “ P-o-w-e-r—D-e-f-e-n-d-e-r ” which I take before a big night to avoid the tomcats imploding in my head and the lego blocks poking through my toes!


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